Title 17

Chapter 6
Secretary of State

R.I. Gen. Laws § 17-6-1

§ 17-6-1. General powers and duties.

(a) The secretary of state shall have those functions, powers, and duties relating to elections that may be provided by this title or any other law not inconsistent with this chapter. The secretary of state shall maintain a central roster of all elected and appointed officers of the state, including for each officer the nature of the officer’s tenure and the date of expiration of the officer’s term of office. The secretary of state shall maintain a central register of all persons registered to vote in the several cities and towns and shall add, amend, delete, and cancel any names appearing on the register as certified to the secretary by the several local boards and by the state board.

(b) The secretary of state may compile and publish a complete edition of the election law that the secretary shall make available to all election officials and candidates upon request and without charge. The secretary of state shall receive and file certificates of election results as provided by this title.

(c) Notwithstanding any provisions of the general laws to the contrary, the office of the secretary of state shall have the authority to submit and approve the specifications used by the department of administration in procuring voting systems, voting system-related services, and accessible voting equipment on behalf of the state.

(d) The secretary of state, with the assistance of the board of elections, shall conduct a cybersecurity assessment of election systems and facilities. The cybersecurity assessment shall include an assessment of the voter registration system, voting equipment, mechanisms to transmit election results, electronic poll books, and security of facilities.

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