Title 16

Chapter 87.1
Early Childhood Governance Working Group

R.I. Gen. Laws § 16-87.1-1

§ 16-87.1-1. Early childhood governance working group.

(a) There shall be created an early childhood governance working group (“the working group”) consisting of:

(1) The director of the department of human services, or designee;

(2) The commissioner of the department of education, or designee;

(3) The commissioner of postsecondary education, or designee;

(4) The director of the department of health, or designee;

(5) The director of the department of administration, or designee;

(6) The chair of the children’s cabinet, who shall be responsible for convening the working group; and

(7) The executive director of RI Kids Count, or designee.

(b) The working group shall convene any necessary subgroups of working group members and other stakeholders to inform and complete the early childhood governance recommendations required under this section.

(c) On or before October 1, 2023, the working group shall submit a report to the governor, speaker of the house, president of the senate, and chairs of the house and senate finance and education committees, that shall include recommendations regarding the governance of early childhood programs in the state. The recommendations shall address, but need not be limited to:

(1) The coordination and administration of early childhood programs and services;

(2) The governance and organizational structure of early childhood programs and services, including whether, and under what circumstances, the state should consider unifying early childhood programs under one state agency;

(3) The fiscal structure of proposed recommendations; and

(4) The implementation of early childhood data systems, for strategic planning, program implementation, and program evaluation.

(d) Staff of the children’s cabinet shall provide assistance in completing the duties of the working group identified in this section.

(e) The RI early learning council shall serve as an advisory body to the working group.

History of Section.
P.L. 2022, ch. 231, art. 10, § 5, effective June 27, 2022.