Title 16

Chapter 77
Establishment of Charter Public Schools [See Title 16 Chapter 97 — The Rhode Island Board of Education Act]

R.I. Gen. Laws § 16-77-6.1

§ 16-77-6.1. Additional standards.

(a) No student tuition or mandatory fees may be charged by any charter public school.

(b) A charter public school may include any grade up to grade twelve (12) or any configuration of those grades, including kindergarten and prekindergarten. If specified in its charter, a charter public school may also operate an adult education program, adult high school completion program, or general education development testing preparation program.

(c) It is the intent of the general assembly that priority of consideration be given to charter public school applications designed to increase the educational opportunities of educationally disadvantaged and at-risk pupils.

(d) A student who is not under suspension or expulsion for discipline reasons may withdraw from a charter public school at any time and enroll in another public school in the district where the student resides as determined by the school committee of the district. A student may be suspended or expelled from a charter public school in accordance with the board of regents regulations for suspensions and/or expulsions, and other public schools may give full faith and credit to that suspension or expulsion.

(e) The governing body of a charter public school shall be subject to the Open Meetings Law, chapter 46 of title 42.

History of Section.
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