Title 16

Chapter 7
Foundation Level School Support [See Title 16 Chapter 97 — The Rhode Island Board of Education Act]

R.I. Gen. Laws § 16-7-44

§ 16-7-44. School housing project costs.

School housing project costs, the date of completion of school housing projects, and the applicable amount of school housing project cost commitments shall be in accordance with the regulations of the commissioner of elementary and secondary education and the provisions of §§ 16-7-35 — 16-7-47; provided, however, that school housing project costs shall include the purchase of sites, buildings, and equipment, the construction of buildings, and additions or renovations of existing buildings and/or facilities. School housing project costs shall include the cost of interest payment on any bond issued after July 1, 1988, provided that such bond is approved by the voters on or before June 30, 2003, or issued by a municipal public building authority or by the appropriate approving authority on or before June 30, 2003. Except as provided in § 16-7-41(d), for those projects approved after June 30, 2003, interest payments may only be included in project costs provided that the bonds for these projects are issued through the Rhode Island health and educational building corporation. School housing project costs shall exclude: (1) Any bond issuance costs incurred by the municipality or regional school district; (2) Demolition costs for buildings, facilities, or sites deemed surplus by the school committee; and (3) Restrictions pursuant to § 16-7-44.1. A building, facility, or site is declared surplus by a school committee when the committee no longer has such building, facility, or site under its direct care and control and transfers control to the municipality, § 16-2-15. The council on elementary and secondary education will promulgate rules and regulations for the administration of this section. These rules and regulations may provide for the use of lease revenue bonds, capital leases, or capital reserve funding, to finance school housing provided that the term of any bond, or capital lease shall not be longer than the useful life of the project and these instruments are subject to the public review and voter approval otherwise required by law for the issuance of bonds or capital leases. Cities or towns issuing bonds, or leases issued by a municipal public buildings authority for the benefit of a local community pursuant to chapter 50 of title 45 shall not require voter approval. Effective January 1, 2008, and except for interim finance mechanisms, refunding bonds, borrowing from the school building authority capital fund, and bonds issued by the Rhode Island health and educational building corporation to finance school housing projects for towns, cities, or regional school districts borrowing for which has previously been authorized by an enabling act of the general assembly, all bonds, notes, and other forms of indebtedness issued in support of school housing projects shall require passage of an enabling act by the general assembly.

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