Title 16

Chapter 7.1
The Paul W. Crowley Rhode Island Student Investment Initiative [See Title 16 Chapter 97 — The Rhode Island Board of Education Act]

R.I. Gen. Laws § 16-7.1-11.1

§ 16-7.1-11.1. Full day kindergarten investment fund.

(a) Beginning in fiscal year 2001, the general assembly shall appropriate and distribute to each locally or regionally operated district a sum equal to the number of full-time kindergarten students reported as a member of each district as of the reference year as defined in § 16-7-16(11) times a per pupil amount, which shall be:

(1) Fifteen hundred dollars ($1,500) for those districts with a tax effort index of below 0.6 as calculated pursuant to § 16-7.1-6;

(2) One thousand dollars ($1,000) for those districts with a tax effort index of below 1.0 as calculated pursuant to § 16-7.1-6; and

(3) Five hundred dollars ($500) for all other districts.

(b) Funding under this section shall be in addition to any and all other aid received by the district, including aid received under this chapter, chapter 77.1 of this title, and any minimum increase of aid provided for under § 16-7.1-15.

(c) For fiscal year 2007, aid received pursuant to this section shall be equal to aid received in the fiscal year 2006 enacted budget by the 2005 general assembly.

History of Section.
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