Title 16

Chapter 59
Council on Postsecondary Education [See Title 16 Chapter 97 — The Rhode Island Board of Education Act]

R.I. Gen. Laws § 16-59-2

§ 16-59-2. Appointment of members of the council on postsecondary education.

The governor shall establish the council for postsecondary education by appointing eight (8) members of the board of education established pursuant to chapter 97 of this title to serve as members of the council, until the expiration of their term as a member of the board of education and their successor is appointed. In addition the governor shall appoint one (1) student member who shall be a full time student in good standing at the University of Rhode Island, Rhode Island College or the Community College of Rhode Island and who shall serve in a non-voting, ex-officio capacity for a single two (2) year term and shall rotate among the three (3) public institutions. The governor shall appoint the chair of the council on an annual basis from among the eight (8) voting council members. The chair of the board of education shall serve on the council in voting, ex-officio capacity. Five (5) voting members of the council shall constitute a quorum and the vote of a majority of those present and voting shall be required for action.

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