Title 16

Chapter 5
State Aid [See Title 16 Chapter 97 — The Rhode Island Board of Education Act]

R.I. Gen. Laws § 16-5-31

§ 16-5-31. Educational improvement block grant.

(a) There is created an educational improvement block grant.

(b) The dollar equivalents resulting from the difference in the statewide local tax rate as defined in § 16-7-19(a) and (b), and as divided in § 16-7-19(c), may be expended for any of the purposes set forth below:

(1) Providing preschool programs, of at least one-half (½) day’s duration, for four (4) year old children who are at risk of school failure;

(2) Providing parent education programs including the provision of resource materials on home learning activities, private and group educational guidance, individual and group learning experiences for the parent and child, and other activities that enable the parent to improve learning in the home;

(3) Reducing class size with the ultimate goal of an average pupil/teacher ratio of 15-1 in grades pre-kindergarten through three (3); and

(4) Providing full day kindergarten programs with first priority given to children who are at risk of school failure.

(c) Education improvement block grant funds shall be allocated to every community in the proportion to which each community’s share bears to the total state share as computed under § 16-7-19(a) and as further adjusted by minimum share and regional school district provisions as provided for in § 16-7-20. In order to be eligible to obtain funds provided in this section a school district must submit, for the commissioner’s approval, an application which clearly and specifically describes how the funds will be used for the purposes intended.

(d) The commissioner of elementary and secondary education shall establish and promulgate regulations for the purpose of carrying out the intent of this section. Funds granted under this section shall not be used by districts to supplant local funds. School districts may carry over to the next fiscal year a maximum of fifteen percent (15%) of their allocation.

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