Title 16

Chapter 45.1
Career and Technical Education [See Title 16 Chapter 97 — The Rhode Island Board of Education Act]

R.I. Gen. Laws § 16-45.1-1

§ 16-45.1-1. Findings.

The general assembly finds and declares as follows:

(1) The Rhode Island economy will benefit from a highly skilled workforce;

(2) Career and technical education must be informed by the needs of local businesses industries and employers, in creating, growing, and locating employment opportunities for job seekers with the requisite knowledge, skills, and abilities desired by employers;

(3) Career and technical education should provide an integrated career pathway system to respond to the needs of businesses, small and large, as well as innovative and emerging industries; and

(4) Based upon the current and future demands for a highly skilled workforce, career and technical education should provide a foundation for students to succeed in career and/or higher education opportunities.

(5) There is a need to establish a coordinated and comprehensive system of career and technical education for students within the state with a focus on coordination, efficiencies, quality of program offerings, and outcomes throughout the state.

(6) There is a need to establish a robust, student-based system of career and technical education that provides a blend of rigorous academics and the skills, training, and credentials necessary for workplace success. Therefore, effective January 30, 2015, there is hereby established a Rhode Island career and technical board of trustees to be known as the Rhode Island board of trustees on career and technical education. Effective January 15, 2015, there is hereby created a not-for-profit organization known as the CTE trust.

History of Section.
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