Title 16

Chapter 32.1
The University of Rhode Island Research Foundation Act [See Title 16 Chapter 97 — The Rhode Island Board of Education Act]

R.I. Gen. Laws § 16-32.1-5

§ 16-32.1-5. Meetings of the board of directors.

The first meeting of the board of directors shall be called by notice signed by one or more members of the board of directors stating the time, place and purpose of the meeting, and mailed to each director at his/her usual place of residence at least five (5) days before the day appointed for the meeting; provided, however, that the first meeting of the board of directors may be held by agreement in writing of all such board of directors without such notice. At the first meeting the board of directors shall organize the research foundation by adopting such bylaws, rules and regulations as they shall deem necessary for the election of officers, the admission of new members, the management and safekeeping of the foundation’s property, and generally for conducting its affairs and carrying out of the purposes of its organization, by electing the executive board and such other officers as the bylaws of the research foundation shall provide, and by taking such other action as they may deem appropriate in the premises.

History of Section.
P.L. 2007, ch. 232, § 1.