Title 16

Chapter 29
Americanization Schools

R.I. Gen. Laws § 16-29-14

§ 16-29-14. State home class supervisor — Expenditures.

The department of elementary and secondary education shall appoint a home class supervisor whose duty it shall be to recruit, organize, supervise, and teach classes authorized by §§ 16-29-11 through 16-29-13, and to cooperate with the school committee of any city or town in the establishment and maintenance of the classes; and the department may fix the compensation of the supervisor within the appropriation made by § 16-29-11 to be paid from the appropriation. The state controller is authorized and directed to draw his or her orders upon the general treasurer for the payment from time to time of the sum appropriated or so much of this sum as may be necessary, upon receipt of vouchers approved by the state department of elementary and secondary education.

History of Section.
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