Title 16

Chapter 24.1
The Rhode Island Autism Spectrum Disorder Education Act

R.I. Gen. Laws § 16-24.1-4

§ 16-24.1-4. Implementation.

To implement the state’s autism public policies, the following steps should be taken:

(1) The department of health shall develop a coordinated plan for collecting prevalence data and reporting it;

(2) The department of human services shall continue to raise public awareness especially among families regarding the need for early intervention and how to access it;

(3) The department of human services shall continue its current practice, to raise awareness of early intervention providers and families for earlier assessment and intervention;

(4) The department of human services will increase the capacity and improve consistency of early intervention programs and providers;

(5) The department of education shall develop a “Needs Assessment Document” to perform a random sampling in the public schools to differentiate between what student needs are being met and what needs are not being met. This information will be used to identify how needs are currently being met and how that information can be used to develop a way to meet the unmet needs; identify ways the existing system could be modified to support the unmet needs;

(6) The department of education in conjunction with Rhode IslandCollege shall produce a series of instructional modules that could be embedded into existing pre-service courses in multi-disciplines; and

(7) The department of education in conjunction with Rhode Island College shall develop a continuing education certificate in autism spectrum disorders at Rhode Island College (to be offered jointly with Salve Regina University and the University of Rhode Island).

History of Section.
P.L. 2009, ch. 201, § 2.