Title 16

Chapter 21
Health and Safety of Pupils

R.I. Gen. Laws § 16-21-28.2

§ 16-21-28.2. Requirements for glucagon administration in a school setting.

(a) The department of elementary and secondary education and the department of health shall incorporate into their policies, rules and regulations for addressing incidents of hypoglycemia resulting in unconsciousness, seizure and/or the inability to swallow in order to provide for the health and safety of children who have been medically identified as having diabetes. The policies, rules and regulations shall include procedures whereby:

(1) A parent or legal guardian of any child may expressly authorize school employees or those employed on behalf of the school, for when there is no school nurse immediately available, to administer glucagon on such child in case of an emergency, while at school or school-sponsored activities;

(2) The glucagon shall be kept in a conspicuous place, readily available; and

(3) Glucagon administration training may be provided by a licensed physician, physician assistant, advanced practiced registered nurse, or registered nurse, however in no case shall school nurse teachers be required to provide training; and the school administration shall allow staff to voluntarily assist with the emergency administration of glucagon when authorized by a parent or legal guardian.

(b) A school employee, including administrative staff, shall not be subject to penalty or disciplinary action for refusing to be trained in glucagon administration.

(c) A parent or legal guardian shall provide a diabetes management plan or physician’s order, signed by the student’s health care provider, that prescribes the care and assistance needed by the student including glucagon administration.

History of Section.
P.L. 2008, ch. 243, § 1.