Title 16

Chapter 2
School Committees and Superintendents [See Title 16 Chapter 97 — The Rhode Island Board of Education Act]

R.I. Gen. Laws § 16-2-18

§ 16-2-18. Selection of teachers and superintendent — General control of schools — Expenses.

The selection of superintendent, in any city or towns that do not unite for the employment of a superintendent, and the entire care, control, and management of all the public school interests of the several cities or towns, shall be vested in the school committee of the several cities or towns, and they shall also draw all orders for the payment of their expenses; provided, that these expenses shall not in any fiscal year exceed the total of all revenue appropriated by the state or city or town or otherwise for the public schools under the care, control, and management of the school committee. If, in any fiscal year a school committee is notified that estimated expenses may exceed total available appropriations, the school committee shall adopt and implement a plan to maintain a balanced school budget, which plan shall provide for continuous regular public school operations consistent with the requirements of § 16-2-2; provided, that in no fiscal year shall a deficit be permitted for school operations. It is provided that, with the exception of the selection of the superintendent, the selection and appointment of teachers and other school department personnel shall be made by the superintendent with the consent of the school committee.

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