Title 16

Chapter 13
Teachers’ Tenure

R.I. Gen. Laws § 16-13-6

§ 16-13-6. Suspension because of decrease in school population — Seniority — Reinstatement.

(a) A school board may, by reason of a substantial decrease of pupil population within its school system, suspend teachers in numbers necessitated by the decrease in pupil population; provided, however, that suspension of teachers shall be in the inverse order of their employment unless it is necessary to retain certain teachers of technical subjects whose places cannot be filled by teachers of earlier appointment; and, provided further, that teachers who are suspended shall be reinstated in the inverse order of their suspension. No new appointments shall be made while there are available teachers so suspended.

(b) Notice of suspension under this section and § 16-13-5 shall be given, in writing, by the governing body of schools on or before June 1 notifying the teacher that his or her employment for the ensuing year shall be suspended, provided however, notice by that date need not be provided in the instance of an emergency performance-related cause.

History of Section.
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