Title 15
Domestic Relations

Chapter 7
Adoption of Children

R.I. Gen. Laws § 15-7-17

§ 15-7-17. Rights of natural parents terminated — Inheritance by child from natural parents.

The parents of the child shall be deprived, by the decree, of all legal rights respecting the child, and the child shall be freed from all obligations of maintenance and obedience respecting his or her natural parents except that the granting of the petition for adoption will not deprive an adopted child of the right to inherit from and through his or her natural parents in the same manner as all other natural children; provided, that the right to inherit from and through natural parents of an adopted child born out of wedlock shall be as provided in § 33-1-8; and provided, further, that the decree of adoption shall in no way affect all legal rights of a natural parent respecting the child and all obligations of the child of maintenance and obedience respecting a natural parent if the natural parent is legally married to the adopting parent at the time of the decree of adoption. Notwithstanding the rights of an adopted child to inherit from or through his or her natural parents as provided in this section, or as provided in § 33-1-8, any administrator, executor or trustee who without knowledge of said adopted child, otherwise carries out the administrators, executors, or trustees lawful responsibility shall not be liable to the adopted child for any damages resulting therefrom.

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