Title 13
Criminals — Correctional Institutions

Index of Chapters

Chapter 13-1 Correctional Services [Repealed.]

Chapter 13-1.1 Correctional Officers Incentive Pay Plan

Chapter 13-2 Adult Correctional Institutions

Chapter 13-3 Reception and Classification of Male Prisoners

Chapter 13-4 Reform School

Chapter 13-5 Station Houses for Women

Chapter 13-6 Loss of Rights by Prisoners

Chapter 13-7 Prisoner Made Goods

Chapter 13-8 Parole

Chapter 13-8.1 Medical and Geriatric Parole

Chapter 13-8.2 Certificate of Recovery & Re-Entry

Chapter 13-9 Out of State Parolee Supervision

Chapter 13-9.1 Interstate Compact for Adult Offender Supervision

Chapter 13-10 Pardons

Chapter 13-11 Interstate Corrections

Chapter 13-12 Transfer of Prisoners to Federal Penitentiaries

Chapter 13-13 Interstate Detainers