Title 12
Criminal Procedure

Chapter 12
Indictments, Informations and Complaints

R.I. Gen. Laws § 12-12-14

§ 12-12-14. Allegations as to statutory larceny.

In prosecutions under §§ 11-41-3, 11-41-4, and 11-41-11, it shall be sufficient to allege generally in the indictment, information, or complaint a stealing of money to a certain amount, or property of a certain value, without specifying any particulars of the stealing, and it shall be sufficient to maintain the charge in the indictment, information, or complaint, and it shall not be deemed a variance, if it is proved that any bullion, money, notes, bank notes, check, draft, bill of exchange, or other security or money, or other property of whatever amount, was stolen, embezzled, fraudulently appropriated, converted, or was obtained, received, taken or secreted by false pretenses or otherwise, with intent to cheat, defraud, embezzle, or fraudulently convert by the person prosecuted.

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