Title 11
Criminal Offenses

Chapter 27
Law Practice

R.I. Gen. Laws § 11-27-9

§ 11-27-9. Restriction on acts of insurance claim adjusters.

No insurance claim adjuster or claim agent of any insurance company or public utility corporation shall advise any claimant, who has suffered injury or damage to his or her person or property, or his or her parent, guardian, next friend or other personal representative in respect to his or her legal rights or lack of legal rights arising out of any claim for that injury or damage, or advise any of them not to employ an attorney at law relative to that injury, damage or claim, or represent to any of them that if an attorney at law should be employed the claim would not be settled, or convey that idea by any other words, and no insurance claim adjuster, claim agent, or other agent of the corporation or company shall compromise, or attempt to compromise, any claim through or by means of the intervention of any person other than the claimant, a member of his or her family, his or her guardian or other personal representative, or his or her attorney at law; provided, that a violation of this section shall in no way affect civil rights.

History of Section.
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