Title 11
Criminal Offenses

Chapter 27
Law Practice

R.I. Gen. Laws § 11-27-10

§ 11-27-10. Agreement or offer to furnish legal services.

No person or persons, except members of the bar, either in his, her or their own name or names or under any firm or trade name, shall furnish or agree to furnish legal advice, service or counsel, nor furnish or agree to furnish an attorney at law, nor advertise in any manner that he, she, or they will furnish or agree to furnish legal services or advice or the services of an attorney at law. This prohibition shall not be deemed to apply to an organization, or its representatives, meeting the criteria contained in subsection 11-27-3(b). Nothing in this section shall be deemed to permit members of the bar to advertise contrary to the ethics of their profession.

History of Section.
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