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January Session of the General Assembly begun and
held at the State House in the City of Providence
on Tuesday, the fouth day of January in the
year of Our Lord two thousand and twenty two.

This document is not an official record of the Senate and does not reflect the final vote of the Senate or of any individual Senator on the captioned matter. The final and official vote is reported in the Journal of the Senate of this date.

  TUESDAY, JUNE 14, 2022
4:54:09 PM
YEAS - 25  NAYS - 10  NOT VOTING - 3  RECUSED - 0
Y  Acosta
NV  Algiere
Y  Anderson
N  Archambault
Y  Bell
N  Burke
Y  Calkin
Y  Cano
Y  Ciccone
Y  Coyne
N  de la Cruz
Y  DiMario
Y  DiPalma
Y  Euer
NV  Felag
Y  Gallo
Y  Goodwin
Y  Kallman
NV  Lawson
N  Lombardi
N  Lombardo
Y  Mack
Y  McCaffrey
Y  Mendes
Y  Miller
N  Morgan
Y  Murray
N  Paolino
Y  Pearson
N  Picard
Y  Quezada
N  Raptakis
N  Rogers
Y  Seveney
Y  Sosnowski
Y  Valverde
Y  Zurier
Y  Mr. President

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